Our Design Process

Know that when you buy a Kendalle Bennett garment, your piece is truly global. Originating in South Africa, with edits in the US, and printing and sewing in Italy, each piece has an international and one-of-a-kind story. 

Kendalle first travels across the world to remote locations in South Africa to capture majestic animals in the wild, such as leopards, elephants, rhinos, wild dogs, lions, cheetahs, and more. 

She then reviews the images she's captured and chooses specific animals to edit, based on the experiences and inspirational stories she was able to photograph. Below is an example of a wild dog coat. Wild dogs are extremely rare to photograph in the wild and travel in packs, always on the run hunting for their next opportunity.

As a next step, Kendalle draws more inspiration from the photograph and is able to manipulate images to create bespoke prints. Here is the same image of the wild dog coat, transformed into a print:

Lastly, Kendalle uses her creativity to add splashes of color into her prints. Here is a similar print in a metallic hot pink:

Now as a final step, she digitally prints her artwork onto luxurious silk to create a unique garment for her clients:

Made in Italy, Kendalle Bennett garments are handcrafted with the goal to showcase Kendalle's artwork on impeccable fabrics with a flawless fit. Kendalle chose to partner with artisans and seamstresses in Italy to ensure quality and satisfaction among her clients. Italy is the pinnacle of the fashion world, with a longstanding heritage and reputation for quality and sophistication. Kendalle is proud to partner with her Italian counterparts to create a product that is truly exceptional and luxurious for her clients.