A Letter From Kendalle

To my fierce females: 

I wanted to share a bit about why I do what I do. With so many excellent retailers and brands to choose from in the accessories space, I felt it important to share my story directly with you. After years and years of photography, business, networking and self-discovery, I came to a realization. Without direct intention, I had surrounded myself with inspirational, powerful, and resilient women. Simultaneously - all along - I had been photographing inspirational, powerful, and resilient wild animals. I strove to be surrounded by a balance of power and serenity - it inspires me and is woven into my aesthetic.

Like many women, I struggled with confidence and anxiety for most of my life. Self-doubt, self-criticism, feeling underestimated, all became part of my daily thoughts. I decided it was time to start my journey towards living a more confident and fulfilled life. Throughout that journey, I realized confidence and power lived within me all along - I just needed to find the key to unlock it. One day my passion for photography, fashion, and design merged together and a range of prolific designs was created. I realized creativity, my biggest asset, also unlocked power from within.   

Power is beautiful. My pieces awaken inner confidence, beauty, and boldness in my clients. I want my products to transform you. I want - more than anything - for every woman to access power within themselves.   

Cheers to being fierce and fearless! 

With love,