About Us


Creative from a young age, Kendalle developed a passion for photography at the age of 14. Working in darkrooms and photographing nature, photography became the one passion that stayed consistent throughout Kendalle’s life. She merged her background in photography, love of fashion, and business background together to create the Kendalle Bennett brand in 2021. 

Kendalle studied at Brown University and studied International Relations. Having lived on several continents, Kendalle’s love for adventure, culture, and fashion was only bolstered by her travels. She met her South African husband in Australia in 2012, and since has made numerous trips to South Africa to photograph wildlife. Now, years later, she has taken her photographs and brought out the beauty of African wildlife through her images and design. 

Kendalle decided to take her passion one step further and earned an Executive MBA from Brown University and IE in 2020. Throughout the program, she specialized in entrepreneurship, leadership and operations and as a result, Kendalle Bennett LLC was born. Her main vision for her work is to empower women to access their inner confidence, beauty, and harmony.